Audio Production
Whether you are in need of music beds, original film scores, original music, audio mixing and sweetening,  arrangements written, or just a single song or demo arranged, programmed, orchestrated, recorded and mixed... Silentspace Interactive can coordinate and facilitate your needs. A musical arrangement can be produced and recorded with expertise from your existing songs or we can collaborate to expand upon your ideas and help bring your artistic vision to life.  Using any combination of live players, programming and sequencing, cutting edge sound-design, the highest quality sampled instruments, vintage synthesizers and keyboards or our company's strategic partners and referred top industry studio musicians, no musical task or style is out of reach for our production capabilities. 

Video Production
Silentspace Interactive is a production company specializing in graphic animation and compositing, documentary production, broadcast television commercial production, various online videos and along with non-profit nonfiction storytelling style permeated with authentic expression of the human experience,   With over 40 years of experience, James Infelt and Silentspace Interactive  producing everything from.   James has produced a wide variety of content including more than 1000 television commercials, 700 short-form videos, garnering more than 75 awards.

If you'd like to purchase Jame's first CD, "The Space Between Silence," you can find it all major retailers or by clicking the cover above.    

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