Hi,  I'm James.  This is my third attempt at writing something auto-biographical but trying to describe and define yourself is hard. I live in the Heartland of America so I'm kind of land-locked but I'm still trying to find the ocean and lose sight of the shore.  I've been performing, writing and arranging music in a number of different verticals over the years.  I try to pay attention to what's being given to me and translate that into emotions via notes and sounds.  I'm glad you are here with me so I'm not alone in this tiny raft. I'm raising my sail and letting God supply the wind, no destination or anchor. Thank you for listening.  Feel free to contact me via my email at silentspace2000@gmail.com. 

If you'd like to purchase Jame's first CD, "The Space Between Silence," you can find it all major retailers or by clicking the cover above.    

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