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James Infelt has led Interactive Divisions for large marketing firms and advertising agencies for over 25 years.  He has built frameworks and strategies for over 300 websites, initiated large scale search engine optimization initiatives for large corporations and major healthcare groups as well as many non-profits. He has provided expert consultation and strategies for companies not only in the continental U.S. but internationally in China and Canada to name a few. In addition to leading SEO initiatives, he has also overseen multiple app development projects.  Please find below some websites that James strategically formulated.  
The client wanted to attract new families to move to the community.  Everything that is included in the site centered around achieving that goal. The site provides multiple layers of information and imagery specific to the targeted age demographic. In order to grab the viewers attention, I suggested implementing quick links that were easily viewable along with important facts about the community that could engage the viewer.  
Cowley College in Kansas needed an intuitive website that focused on an easy way to peruse through their online catalog of courses.  Streamlining the process is an important part of student retention as well as attracting new prospects. To validate that the site was intuitive and easy to use,  extensive  A-B testing was used before implementation.  
During my years as a partner at AMPERAGE Marketing and Fundraising, I worked on the strategy and implementation of their current website. The site captures not only the quality services that are offered, but their brand identity.  
The first place that organizations go to for information to stay updated is an online resource. The Iowa Hospital Association needed a streamlined approach for their members that provided a quick overview of their events, resources and messaging. The goal of website development is to zero in on the target audience and then sculpt all the creative and strategy to speak directly to them.  
This another site where the focus and strategy is centered around attracting families and businesses to the community. This site also features multiple webcams set up around the city so viewers can view targeted benefits that the city provides. It's a deep site with interactive maps, the realtime updating of job listings and many many video testimonials. 

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